Human Capital Mangement

Create targeted Learning & Development
programs that increase workforce skills

Communities: Powering-Up your Human Capital in a Connected World

The technology-driven connection of people and resources has forever changed the face of business. How can you leverage digital communities to drive your brand and improve the quality and morale of your workforce?
Online communities help companies to stand out as brands of choice, making it much easier to maintain a full pipeline of highly skilled, motivated candidates, and reducing sourcing and recruiting efforts.
What can your company do with a global HCM solution that integrates cost-efficient social networking strategies?
  • Leverage P2P platforms to reduce time-to-hire by up to 50%
  • Use metrics to understand public sentiment about your brand
  • Pinpoint succession candidates within your company
  • Create targeted Learning & Development programs that increase workforce skills
  • Launch incentive campaigns that encourage employees to champion your brand across global channels
Integrating social networking strategies with your Human Capital Management solution can help you in your battle to maintain a highly motivated and engaged international workforce. Find out more in our whitepaper which talks about powering up your Human Capital in a connected world.
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